rawelements inquired 7/11 ^ 7/12


eezil inquired Can you please look at my photography and poetry and tell me what you think about it?

Anyone’s work resembles who they are right at that moment and with time you will grow and so will your art.

domwisephoto inquired I admire you & your work.

Thank you I appreciate it ~ much love

Anonymous inquired What product brands do you use for your hair? I love your hair 😍

I’m still experimenting with different products because none that I’ve tried have satisfied the way I want, but right now shea butter :) lmk of anything that works better.

domostyless inquired Do you know where I can get the artists t shirts from your pics I'm sorry I keep asking but I really want one and btw I love your photography!!

His twitter is @jonhen93 / his website will also be dropping soon for people who don’t live locally.